Ferro da Casa Pedro Passanha
Eguada da Coudelaria Pedro Passanha

Pedro Passanha's Stud started with three mares from Dr. Guilherme Borba's brand. Today the stud counts with a group of 30 mares from Veiga and Andrade bloodline.

What is unique about Pedro Passanha's breed?

There at least two issues in which Pedro Passanha differs from most breeders.
First of all what he has been looking for in his horses is not so much an attractive physiognomy, and early successes, but an excellent functionality.

He aims to breed good horses, and by that he means well tempered and excellent in all gaits, capable of doing everything. It takes much more time to prove functionality than appearance, but in the end the perfectly balanced horse that has wonderful gaits turns up to be beautiful as well. We are thinking about our horse ZAIRE, for instance, that is the fulfillment of a dream. It took Pedro Passanha 30 years to breed the ideal horses he has now. Which brings us to the second difference. The economic issue.

It is very difficult to resist good offers to sell your best horses and mares, as most breeders do, but it's the only way to achieve long term and lasting results. Nothing is granted in breeding. Even the excellent horses and mares will not guaranty excellent products. But if you sell the best and breed with the regular what can you expect?
In this business success doesn't equal welfare, it equals sacrifice, dedication and above all passion.

e-mail: pedropassanha@gmail.com
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